Monday, February 18, 2013

What I Learned in 2012.....or ... Better Late than Never

I feel badly that I have neglected my blog. It's like neglecting an old friend. Once in a while people ask me why I don't write anymore. It's not that I don't want to, or don't like to, but I have been doing other things that eat up my time. Things that mostly make me happy.

But I promise that I will better, even if  I don't write every day.

This winter has been tough. This time of year I struggle with the lack of light and warmth, and not being able to put Sexy Sadie's top down.  I spend much time dwelling on life,  and even though I have my dark days, it excites me that I  have taken a step closer to serenity and to being true to myself.
Having faith that all will be fine. Being honest when I make a mistake.

 I learned a lot in 2012.  Most of them good lessons - and out of the bad came some hard core learning and growth.

 I learned...

To Look for magic in everyday things.
That it takes a lot of work to be mindful and grateful.
That pain is a part of the aging process.
That my dislike of needles is so great that I will never get botox or facial injections. Or Tattoos.
Being present is the secret to staying calm(er).
I can't do everything and be good at it all(thus my break from writing)
It feels good to purge both the body and the house.
That you are never too old to go topless in Europe.
That I CAN make money doing what I love.
To say "no" with love.
That my next career will be art and an ephemera expert/dealer.
It is possible to age naturally and gracefully with joy
That there are wonderful men in the world, and I married one.
You ARE what you eat.
That I have gotten really good at online scrabble.
And blue is my favorite color in paint.

Here's to new ones in 2013! Please drop a comment on what YOU learned in 2012!
Or last week!