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My Inspiration

After doing my spring wardrobe cleaning/organization, I realized that my one piece bathing suit was long over due for replacement.  I didn't wear it very often,  probably just for family affairs, as most of my swimming took place in the woods, at private pools and hidden lakes, and I would wear one of my many two piece suits which up until I hit 50, looked pretty good on me.

Now in my 52nd summer, I am no longer looking so svelt.  Legs that used to be muscular from running and skating are flabby and have cellulite, and my stomach looks like I am carrying a small sack of dimply lemons.  The upper part isn't so bad,  but that could use a bit of firming up too. (I KNEW there was a reason to be happy about  belonging to the IBTC).
 I hate trying on bathing suits in a store, or anything else for that matter. (save for shoes..)  The lighting is never right, and the mirrors usually suck.   This was the first year that I thought--HEY, I can order online and they can be tried on in the…

Driving under the Influence.

It was the usual, busy week. And, as usual, not much of it involved art, which HAS to change as I need to paint.  I see the images, and boards and canvases and feel the consistency of the paint somewhere deep in my brain where paintings  are churned out in automation, and it needs to leave the brain through my arm and into a paintbrush and onto SOME kind of surface SOON, before I lose momentum.

And somewhere deep within my body are channels that are very jammed up - thus my back/hip pain,intestinal distresses, mixed with nightly sweats that wake me up at 4 am. which was the reason for a visit to my naturopath for an appointment and  accupuncture on wednesday.

Though I am doctor and needle phobic, going to this doctor is enjoyable. Issues are evaluated, and homeopathic/natural methods are used to adjust and heal the body.  The office visit concludes with accupuncture in a healing space.  Tammi was treating several issues,  one of the being my insomnia.  With 12-15 needles in my neck, s…

Mindful Cleaning

I don't do a lot of entertaining because that means I have to face doing a good cleaning job on my house.  The reality is, that if I did not have events from time to time, I probably would never clean.BUT - I am hosting an event this week which means that I need to clean after I get home from my appointments, for the next three afternoons.

Not just the ordinary sweep,vacuum, wash kitchen floor and clean toilet and tub, but a tear apart the bathroom, clean the woodwork that people can see, wash all the wood floors on two floors, move furniture, get the dust webs and so forth.  Sometimes that even involves washing all the towels and curtains (I have cats who seem to leave a lot of cat hair on them when they look out the windows). And there is the junk, always the junk.

I hate to clean.  OK, I get pissed that I have to clean because the time spent cleaning could be time spent in the studio, reading, watching a movie, or some other fun endeavor.   It was the retreat at the Blue Cliff…

It's all in the Hand

I haven't written much lately..and I wonder why, after three years of obsessive writing, have I slowed down to a screeching halt?  A little self doubt creeps and that nasty little voice whispers "perhaps you're all dried up Patti, you really don't have anything to say or express..." and I entertain the concept for a moment, and chuckle, because you know that I will ALWAYS have something to say.  

I haven't been much in the studio either, and as I look back over the last few months, I seemed to have taken a creative hiatus.  I go in and putter around, make a few cards, look at my work, but make nothing of  substance.  I even feel that in my teaching job. 

I start to take inventory.  What is going on?  When I start to think about it I can freak myself out,  because there is a hell of a lot going on.  A lot  of it difficult and painful, whether physically or emotionally- a sick and struggling daughter,  family upheaval regarding the estate of my Aunt loaded wit…

Sketching on a Sunny Afternoon

Last weekend I vowed that after my 5 day trip to Kentucky,  I was going to spend time with  my husband whom I had not seen very much, as well as take the three days to unwind, and enjoy the weather and get a little art done.   I blew off house cleaning, did a little gardening in between our jaunts, and I did not do one stitch of taxes, school work,  or blogging.   

We traveled through three counties to visit some of the mansions on the Hudson River which included Wilderstein, Vanderbilt, and Olana.  It was warm enough to sketch outside, so I painted some small watercolors on watercolor paper postcards.  I sold one which will buy me another pack or two of paper, or put more gas in the car to wander.  I am posting them here, and if you are interested, they are a mere 8.00 each...and you can pay via Paypal/check.  Just comment on my blog or email me. (the one w/the mansion showing is sold)

It was however, a hellish week.  I did manage to get the taxes done, and to the accountant, and in…

The Expert Traveler

On my way back from Kentucky, I avoided the luggage check in line as I had no under plane luggage and had checked in online the night before and printed my boarding passes.  I headed to security, where there were several marked aisles.  I quickly spotted the one labeled "Expert Traveler", stopped for a moment to think, then put my finger in the air, looked at the guard and said "ah, yes. I am an expert traveler" and headed off to the scanners. 

I moved through them quickly, as I had no questionables in my bags, no gels or liquids over the limits,  no laptops to pull out,  and my shoes were open back clogs that I tossed into a bin.  A quick smile and thank you, and I was off to the gate.  All of this took maybe 10 minutes and five minutes later I was on the plane.  I had planned the time exactly. 

In the past several years,  I have flown internationally and domestically more than the average non-business person.  I have navigated subways and trains in a country th…