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Lieutenant Island

I have spent the past four+ days letting nothing rule me but the tides and my stomach.

Though I understand the concept of the tides here on the Cape, I have never had to live by them. If they were low you could walk for miles on the beach. If they were high, you had plenty to swim in. I knew better than to get myself in a bad situation in the marshes by being too far out when the tide was coming in. 

A few people upon hearing that we were renting on Lieutenant Island, commented that we had to be aware of the tides, that the one road in/out with the one lane bridge flooded, making travel impossible on and off the island.  But someone else told us: "oh it only happens when it is an unusually high tide".  So with that information I headed to the Island.

We arrived at five, only to see the road in under water.  Larry and I looked at each other with a "it was too good to be true" look. The tide was not at its peak and it was clear that we were not getting over the bri…

Ethel's Farm Stand in Milan, NY

Ethel’s Farm Stand
Before leaving for Cape Cod, Karen and I had discussed what easy-to prepare, healthy, organic foods each one of us could bring.  Tuna, (ok, tuna is not that healthy but I love it) tomatoes, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, mayo , olive oil and vinegar , red wine, white wine. There were foods from our garden;  zucchini, peppers, shallots, cucumbers, my favorite cooking seasonings: organic salt/garlic/parsley mixture, fresh lemons and limes, dill, and Italian herbs.  With these items I can make a wondrous marinara, or some mean black beans over rice,  savory eggs, and so much more.
I had all that I needed.  But then it hit me about 25 miles from home:  SHIT: THERE WAS NO GARLIC. 
I knew we would find some somewhere on our journey.  About five minutes after I said to Larry that I was going to be culinary handicapped if I did not have garlic, and were about to get onto the Taconic Parkway, we saw a simple home made road side road sign, its black letters unevenly printed…

New Printed Greeting Cards

I just got back a first run of my greeting cards on Zazzle.  Their print quality is very good and the cards look great.

But wait, how to market them? I did not think of it when I listed the name of my store on Zazzle on the back.  Not a good idea if I am going to list these cards on Etsy, which does not want the buyers to be able to find me there and order from Zazzle instead of on Etsy. Understandable, and now I have to rethink the designs of the card,  or how I am going to market them.  These are fine for my craft fairs as I can sell them the way they are.   It's a little nerve wracking that everyone wants their piece of the pie. After all, I sell lots on Etsy, and give them plenty of money, so if a scattered person or two happen to find their way over to Zazzle,  and buy a card or two from the site, what's the big deal?  

I have 10 of each design for now, and if anyone is interested you can buy directly from me at 4.00 a card plus shipping. And I don't gouge on shippi…