New Printed Greeting Cards

I just got back a first run of my greeting cards on Zazzle.  Their print quality is very good and the cards look great.

But wait, how to market them? I did not think of it when I listed the name of my store on Zazzle on the back.  Not a good idea if I am going to list these cards on Etsy, which does not want the buyers to be able to find me there and order from Zazzle instead of on Etsy. Understandable, and now I have to rethink the designs of the card,  or how I am going to market them.  These are fine for my craft fairs as I can sell them the way they are.   It's a little nerve wracking that everyone wants their piece of the pie. After all, I sell lots on Etsy, and give them plenty of money, so if a scattered person or two happen to find their way over to Zazzle,  and buy a card or two from the site, what's the big deal?  

I have 10 of each design for now, and if anyone is interested you can buy directly from me at 4.00 a card plus shipping. And I don't gouge on shipping like many others do. I take paypal, and do take checks; probably one of the last people taking checks still these days.  Send me a message; I think my email is on my profile page here at Blogger.

As an aside, I just printed my first order of Wedding Invites for my WE DO same sex wedding/love/anniversary cards on Zazzle.  The nice thing about the shop is that you can go pick out a card, and then customize it yourself, saving tons of money over going to a printer. You do have to be somewhat computer savvy, but if you are computer and design literate,  it is not all that difficult to do. Or, you hire me to take care of that part....

Hope you enjoy the designs. I had a blast making them using Victorian paper and text. 


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