A Night From Hell

It has been a rough start to the weekend. Larry has an infection from a cracked tooth beneath his cap, and has to go to the oral surgeon on Monday. So he has been in bed all day, and sick and groaning.

I make a very very bad nurse, as I have no patience for groaners, but have done my best to be kind and made a humongous pot of chicken soup for him to eat. I am going to go upstairs to watch either Rivers and Tides, or Titus with him.

I did my own dentist thing yesterday, but my check up was great save for a tiny cavity near an old filling that has to be redone. Then I went to Rhinebeck to have my hair "enhanced" a bit. Before Lois did my hair, I took a few of my Canadian aspirin that I smuggled in to the country (the ones that have some codeine in them with aspirin and caffeine) as I was having a really nasty ache in my shoulder. I don't remember injuring it, sort of like my last shoulder injury which took 2 years to heal, and I don't want to go through THAT again. I can't figure out if it is from shoveling, or yoga, and am now afraid to do either one. Fortunately the weather gods are behaving themselves this week, and instead of yoga I will go to the gym and do lower body instead.

Back to the aspirin - it tore up my stomach, and all night I was in bad pain. It ruined my night out, and then I did not sleep at all. I raced to the drug store this morning to get Pepcid, which seems to work, but I HAVE to call the gastroenterologist this week as it has been a year that this has been going on. The gall bladder has been ruled out, so I suspect an ulcer, gastritis, or some other thing. Ah, the joys of aging, eh? Oh, and I bought Aleve instead of using aspirin!

But I don't want to bore you with the sordid medical details of my life.

After I wrote the blog on following one's dreams, my "Notes from the Universe" email arrived in my inbox. It said: "Baby steps spark miracles, Patti. Miracles do not spark baby steps." This has happened a few times where I get a daily inspiration note which is directly related to my life at the moment. Even once, when my daughter was really sick, the note said to "visualize health in your daughter Patti". Now everyone gets the same notes I believe, as Mike Dooley (from "Tuts Adventurers Club")does not have time to check into our daily lives, and it always spooks me - in a good way, when this happens.

I have been taking baby steps for years. And little by little, it has paid off. I wonder, what if I took bigger steps? Like adult steps?! I really believe in the law of attraction, and the power of positive thinking. It has worked for me many times.

Another case in hand. I want to take this painting course with Christie Scheele, whom I studied with last year at this time. I really don't have the 200.00 for the weekend course as my extra money is going into filling up my propane tank in the studio. I just joined an expensive art organization and entered three pieces in a show, and extra play money isn't around.

So today, when I bought in my mail after a long quiet afternoon in the studio preparing things to sell on Etsy and Ebay (supplies, not art) I saw something that looked like a check from my mortgage holder. Hmm...what would they be sending ME money for?! I open it up, it was a 1000.00 refund on an overpayment for my escrow account.

HORRAY. Now I have NO excuse not to take the class. I will fund it partially with my business, and partially with my refund.

Now, how fabulous is that.

Here is to ANY step taken forward. And I refuse to believe in Bruce's song with the line..."one step up and two steps back".

patti o adventurer!

photo is of my having my hair highlighted. I look a bit like a Yorkshire Terrier!!!


annie kelleher said…
lol - love the pic!!!! you're so cute... you DO look like a yorky!!!! baby steps are easier to make. that's what i've learned this year... it's easier to set small goals one at a time than to make a goal so big it defeats you. and then every now and then you get a reward from the universe inthe form of 1000 dollar checks :). hope you and larry feel better soon!!!! thanks for checking in at my blog and leaving such sweet comments :))))!!
Anonymous said…
Jacob Glass, who I have talked about again and again, he speaks of Penguin Steps. Remember how far penguins went in that movie? I hope Larry is a little better today. KiSS
You get major kudos for posting that pic! I am a tiny person blessed with large features - big eyes, nose, teeth....my hair back and wet would be good fodder for Highlighting Your Horse.

I hope Sir Larry feels better soon. God love the ailing, but the caretakers too.

And I will send my own nudge to the Powers that Be for your health and Larry.

The word verification is senswi.....close to Sensei, eh?
Woodstock said…
Feel better Larryman! Patti, I think you should leave the tinfoil in your hair - it's very 21st century....


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