My art life is taking off, though I am a bit overwhelmed having to devote so much of my time to teaching art while making it!

Be careful what you wish for.  I am still learning that lesson.

I put out into the universe that I was ready for a show, ready to get serious with my art.  It comes at a time where after having a job that I thought was secure, and where I am finally making a great salary,  I am facing the possibility of having it yanked right out from under me.   I am not going to dwell upon it, because that would make me crazy, but it is in the back of my mind and I am preparing myself for a "reinvention" of Patti.

As a result of my making the decision that I am ready to be A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST, I instantly got a space to show my paintings, SOLD a painting at the show, landed a solo show of my collages in December, and then got accepted into the National Association of Women Artists.   There are two shows that I have to decide what to submit for, and mat/frame and send them off to NYC, as well as Tuesday's submissions for WAAM. I also have my yearly craft fair through Unison in December.

No wonder I can no longer keep up with this blog on a consistent basis!

Enjoy a few images of my abstract work.....though be assured I will still be painting my landscapes which I so love to do.  


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