Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Sail

I have known my friend Ed and his wife for 20 years.  Ed is an avid sailor and races in various events. Sailing to him is like painting to me, and I totally get his passion. There is NOTHING like cutting the engine once you get out onto the river, and listening to the sound that the boat makes gliding through the water, the plop of a fish jumping for a bug, or Amtrak racing along the river.  Sometimes there is no noise at all.

If there is a stiff wind, the sail is an adventure. If there is little wind, it is a mellow traverse, or  float upon one beautiful river.

The river still has a lot of large logs floating upon it from the hurricane. From time to time there was  a slight stench from some of the festering vegetation.  But most of the time I saw or smelled none of that.  I was in heaven.

I am living my life in the fast lane... on the AUTOBAHN. I am not adapting well to this new schedule, or the responsibilities that come with the change in job.  So this afternoon's reprise was precious and inspiring.  It may give me the energy to get through tomorrow and the rest of the week.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tampon Conversation

My daughter's friend posted a joke about tampons today on Facebook.  I chuckled as it gave me a flashback to when I was about 12 or 13 years old, and very innocent, circa 1969. And at that point in time, I did not know what a period was, other than what you put at the end of a sentence (thank you sisters of St. Frances) and yes, I had not gotten mine yet.

Scenario: family sitting around in the living room. Father immersed in the NY Times. Mother probably doing a cross word or reading a book. My other three siblings were scattered about in our small house, probably within hearing distance.

I am looking at a Reader's Digest, and notice an ad.

I ask out loud: "what is this thing that you can ride a horse with, swim with, do sports with....the only thing that it says is TAMPAX"?  I look around and no one answers me.  I don't get the hint, so I ask again.  "I mean, you can do all kinds of things with this, but I don't understand what it is! There are no photos that explain!".

Again, no response.  As I look around, I notice that my parents jaws are locked in the stress mode.  I realize that I have entered some sort of realm that is VERBOTEN.  All of a sudden I get it. The only thing that might make them act like that is something bad. Something bad equates the body, and that must equate something to do with sex, though I am not sure what sex is.

And, like any other curious teenager, I know that there is homework to do.  I must investigate. And that investigation leads into uncharted territory, which of course, leads to exploration, which leads to sin.  But I must go there because the drive is so strong, and I know I can't turn back. 

Thankfully now, some 40 years later, I can look back on it and laugh, and chuckle about my innocence, and how silence is deadlier than truth.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Long Absence

I have dropped off the face of the earth, written a bunch of blogs but never posted them.  Too much going on and much to write about, but I have not had the strength to pull it off.

Once I was back from vacation, I had a lot of harvesting to do. And yard work. And computer/business work.

Then I got really sick for 10 days. (suspect gall bladder attack)

Then the hurricane hit and knocked me off line, caused damage, and I had to deal with that.

Then school started.

Then I got an art show last minute and had to hang it in a hurry

Then the tropical storm hit.

We won't talk about the family shit that hit the fan from a few directions.

But I hope things will settle down, and that I will get into the writing mode again, because I have a hell of a lot to say.

Here is a photo of one of my latest oil still life paintings titled: "Things are Not What They Appear".
It got rejected from WAAM, but that's ok since I have been in a lot of shows lately. Sometimes I surprise myself with my painting. I never liked painting still lifes, but I studied with a master for a bit, and he got me past my dislike for it, and now I want to do a series. But they won't be ordinary still lifes.
Acutally, not much that I do is "ordinary".

Patti O