Fall Sail

I have known my friend Ed and his wife for 20 years.  Ed is an avid sailor and races in various events. Sailing to him is like painting to me, and I totally get his passion. There is NOTHING like cutting the engine once you get out onto the river, and listening to the sound that the boat makes gliding through the water, the plop of a fish jumping for a bug, or Amtrak racing along the river.  Sometimes there is no noise at all.

If there is a stiff wind, the sail is an adventure. If there is little wind, it is a mellow traverse, or  float upon one beautiful river.

The river still has a lot of large logs floating upon it from the hurricane. From time to time there was  a slight stench from some of the festering vegetation.  But most of the time I saw or smelled none of that.  I was in heaven.

I am living my life in the fast lane... on the AUTOBAHN. I am not adapting well to this new schedule, or the responsibilities that come with the change in job.  So this afternoon's reprise was precious and inspiring.  It may give me the energy to get through tomorrow and the rest of the week.



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