A Long Absence

I have dropped off the face of the earth, written a bunch of blogs but never posted them.  Too much going on and much to write about, but I have not had the strength to pull it off.

Once I was back from vacation, I had a lot of harvesting to do. And yard work. And computer/business work.

Then I got really sick for 10 days. (suspect gall bladder attack)

Then the hurricane hit and knocked me off line, caused damage, and I had to deal with that.

Then school started.

Then I got an art show last minute and had to hang it in a hurry

Then the tropical storm hit.

We won't talk about the family shit that hit the fan from a few directions.

But I hope things will settle down, and that I will get into the writing mode again, because I have a hell of a lot to say.

Here is a photo of one of my latest oil still life paintings titled: "Things are Not What They Appear".
It got rejected from WAAM, but that's ok since I have been in a lot of shows lately. Sometimes I surprise myself with my painting. I never liked painting still lifes, but I studied with a master for a bit, and he got me past my dislike for it, and now I want to do a series. But they won't be ordinary still lifes.
Acutally, not much that I do is "ordinary".

Patti O 


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