Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I am wholesaling out the rest of my Christmas cards for a brief time on Etsy. 

I usually don't sale my cards out as they never get "old" and go back into the box for another big sale or for next year, but from time to time I offer them up at half price.

The store is my pagibbons shop on etsy.  Over the next few days I will also post a few Victorian ornaments which I have left, and after New Years, I will post the New Year cards. 

Then I am going to offer up amazing prices on some antique botanical prints, and a few other lots of paper so that I can put new stock in my store as I find goodies as I clean out the studio.

I am finishing up a group of cards for a client, submitting to several art shows, and then will start production on Valentine Cards. They should be listed in a few weeks, so I have to get a move on.

All this while working full time.

I am never EVER bored.

And I LOVE what I do. It's all good.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

I love the day after Christmas as is the day I give TO MYSELF.

I am usually exhausted and a bit spaced from days of rushing, eating, more rushing and more eating, so I stay in bed late and do  things I would never do on a "normal" day.  This morning I got my iPad up to speed and watched an hour documentary on the early beginnings of the English Monarchy. Divine.

Then I will head downstairs to clean up the wreck of a kitchen to eat cookies and chocolate for breakfast, counterbalanced by green tea, then do the clean up while smiling at the memory of the good meal I had with family and friends from the night before. 

I will strip the bed, the tablecloth, and other linens, so that I can enjoy the cool crisp sheets of a clean bed later on tonight and have leftovers at the redressed table.

I will play with my toys.  This year I will be putting together my new easel, one of my tools necessary for the new reinvented ME, check out the mini speakers for my iPad/iPod/phone so I can have music wherever I go. I  will check out my new book that I will be ushering 2012 in with: The Book of Awakening: Having the Life you Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. And maybe if there is more energy, I will watch part of my BluRay Edition of Dr. Zhivago.

I will write out my Christmas cards that I did not have the time to send over the past few weeks.
I am going to lay down when I want to.
I am writing this blog.
I will NOT go shopping to get 50% off anything, unless it is my car insurance, my mortgage, or the balance of my car loan.
I am NOT going to go to anyone's house and help them with anything, and I am not going to cook so that I don't have any messes to clean up.

I am going to mark out my plans for the week of ME and cleanse myself of the stress from four months of intense work.  Nurture, rebuild.

Hope your holidays were full of joy, and that you take some time off to honor yourself.

Patti O Relaxation....

ps photos of me and my favorite man....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fabulous Local / USA based companies/gifts


In this holiday season, many of us are trying to keep our money local, or at least some part of gift giving must benefit a local store,  artist, or company, and at the very least be made in the USA.

Here are a few gift items that I have either bought, or would love to own.

From Hudson Valley artist/author Paul Keskey, is a fabulous book for all ages titled Chrysalies. The book is reminiscent of some of my favorite fantasy illustrators: Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham. The nature slant to the book is educational as well as fascinating. I have a 7 year old niece and granddaughter who are very good readers; I suspect they will spend many hours pouring over the artwork as well as the text.  20.00 BARGAIN. (he takes paypal..and you can order the book under the book link and then "limited edition prints".)  Previews of the art and the book are on the website.

Next is something for us ladies who need to be on our feet in comfort. I had major surgery from a tri-malleolar fracture six years ago. I still sport the metal plates and screws, and can no longer wear many shoes comfortably. But the closed back clog is perhaps the most comfortable shoe, along with my winter boots. I don't have a pair, but I com coveting this hand painted pair. I wear a size 38 .....(woman's size 7) if any of you win the lottery and want to buy me a gift......from Seattle based The Swanx.

If you can't get to Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod any time soon to visit the museum and shop,  you can shop online at the Edward Gorey Store.  Calendars, mugs, books, prints, jewelry, lunchboxes, and more.  I have a lunchbox, a large figure for my art room, an address book, a few of his books, and I think I will shop for a few things here before the night is out. However I don't know where the items are made, they could be made in China;  I will check the next time I head up there.

Off to bed to nurse a cold with a hot ginger tea toddy by Larry.   Ms. P.