I am wholesaling out the rest of my Christmas cards for a brief time on Etsy. 

I usually don't sale my cards out as they never get "old" and go back into the box for another big sale or for next year, but from time to time I offer them up at half price.

The store is my pagibbons shop on etsy.  Over the next few days I will also post a few Victorian ornaments which I have left, and after New Years, I will post the New Year cards. 

Then I am going to offer up amazing prices on some antique botanical prints, and a few other lots of paper so that I can put new stock in my store as I find goodies as I clean out the studio.

I am finishing up a group of cards for a client, submitting to several art shows, and then will start production on Valentine Cards. They should be listed in a few weeks, so I have to get a move on.

All this while working full time.

I am never EVER bored.

And I LOVE what I do. It's all good.


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