Monday, May 27, 2013

May is the month of PURPLE

I manage/mentor a group on Facebook called Art Thirteen.  It is a gathering place for   artists/thinkers/writers who post images that please or inspire them, sometimes on a daily basis, and sometimes less often. We make our own assignments, it is open ended, and the group has been a source of creativity, humor, and camraderie.  I have met up with a few of the artists there, and hope to meet a group of them this summer when we have a gathering, and look to find a venue to host a group show.  We have botanists, historians, designers, collectors, and MORE, who impart their widsom and viewpoints in a visual journal.

For 2013 I have decided to focus on a color a month. Though I can not always make art each day, I try and become intimate with that color and seek it out and depict it in any form I can manage. This month is purple.

Spring is abundant in purple, so I have no problem finding inspiration from nature.  I explore purple in my greeting cards, collages, drawings and paintings. This mini collage is a self portrait; my seeing the world thru purple.  I spent some time playing with the image, in my iPhone, in Vintage Scene, and then finally in Photoshop.  I learn something with each assignment and it is fun to focus on color, as it is one of my favorite elements of art. (can you tell I have been teaching too long?)

And as the school year ends, I look forward to immersing myself in art and paper, and writing consistently about my journey and art.  I can promise it will be quite an adventure!

Have a lovely Memorial Day, and say a prayer/meditation for those who have lost their lives to war.


Monday, May 20, 2013


I am getting excited. A month left of teaching and then I am reinventing my entire life,  creating my own personal paradise where I am surrounded by what and whom I love, while doing what I love. It seems very simple to me. So simple, that is seems absurd.

Teaching has been a very difficult career which has involved the past 25+ years of my life. Raising two babies alone for the most part, while getting my bachelors, and then working full time while getting my  masters.  Working with at-risk and difficult teens while raising my own of the same ilk. Then illnesses here and with family. A few years of making great money but at the price of high stress.

I have my moments of self doubt. Cruise thru my Facebook and you will see posts that dangle fear and doubt like dirty clothes on a line. But I am bathed in the confidence and hopeful words of friends and colleagues that it will all come together, and I will have enough.

I have taken preventative measures. Refinanced my house to lower payments, made of list of what I have to cut. Put more time into the garden which will help sustain me. Get organized. Have faith. Take notes.

And soon, I will be freed, like the wild bird from the cage. And somehow,the world around me, will sustain me.