I am getting excited. A month left of teaching and then I am reinventing my entire life,  creating my own personal paradise where I am surrounded by what and whom I love, while doing what I love. It seems very simple to me. So simple, that is seems absurd.

Teaching has been a very difficult career which has involved the past 25+ years of my life. Raising two babies alone for the most part, while getting my bachelors, and then working full time while getting my  masters.  Working with at-risk and difficult teens while raising my own of the same ilk. Then illnesses here and with family. A few years of making great money but at the price of high stress.

I have my moments of self doubt. Cruise thru my Facebook and you will see posts that dangle fear and doubt like dirty clothes on a line. But I am bathed in the confidence and hopeful words of friends and colleagues that it will all come together, and I will have enough.

I have taken preventative measures. Refinanced my house to lower payments, made of list of what I have to cut. Put more time into the garden which will help sustain me. Get organized. Have faith. Take notes.

And soon, I will be freed, like the wild bird from the cage. And somehow,the world around me, will sustain me.




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