Adventure in Catskill

Due to a lot of company over the holidays, my adventures were minimal; walks at Dietz Stadium,  walks uptown Kingston.  So when I got an invite to spend the weekend at my sister in laws house in Catskill, I jumped upon the chancc; dinner, hot tub, Qi-Gong, movies,great conversation, and, a walk. It is always exciting to have a change of view, and I love Larry's family and the town they live in. 

It had been storming all day, and a brief break in the action prompted a group walk with the family dog. There are many side streets filled with lovely Victorian homes, and other great venues such as the Thomas Cole House, the Monastery, the Beattie-Powers Place, and on a good day- you can take the 2 mile walk on the bridge over the Hudson.

As we walked, the sunshine rapidly faded, the fog closed in. It got very very dark and a mountain storm blew upon us. We were a half a mile from home. Rich knows the neighborhoods well, and we found ourselves following him, running through paths, muddy squishy back yards (the ground is not frozen at this point in time!) getting pounded by heavy rain, topped off with a serious thunder storm crackling around us! We were screaming, laughing, like children late-for-dinner taking the shortest path to our waiting parents.

We walked  1.5 miles at the most, but it was wonderful to be outside on an unseasonably warm winter day, and experience the fog, the place, the adventure. It will be one of the walks I remember with fondness, as I saw life again - although briefly - through the memories and eyes of a child.


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