After 10 months of frenetically living two lives in one, I have the summer off from Job #1 so that I can spend my summer vacation time working full time at Job #2.

Though I love Job #1,  I REALLY love Job #2,  but  I have to work Job #1 so that I can have a retirement income to support Job #2 , and hopefully be able to live happily ever after on the fruits of both. 

I have to say that I burnt the candle at both ends the past few months. Teaching full time, studying under two artists, and working hard at producing art and working even harder at trying to sell it, left me VERY tired.  And, I have sorely ignored this blog, as writing was beginning to feel like Job #3, and I knew I could not do anything well if I did that...so....since Job #1 is on a hiatus for 2 months, I AM BACK WRITING - back with news and reviews from my travels and adventures around the Hudson Valley, with photos of the beauty of the Catskills, of life, and illustrated with the fruits of my art as well as words of wisdom from a person who has still not learned how to behave in public.

The weekend was crammed with parties, but today is the first official day of vacation.  Morning in the garden, an art friend stopping by to pick up some paper.  Then breakfast at Gabriele's on John Street. Now I am heading out to the studio to prime some panels and prepare for tomorrow's painting class.
Later, list art on Etsy, and end with a stroll somewhere in the Hudson Valley.

Life is good.

Photo taken of Alanna running through the yard at a barbecue. It was an afternoon of swimming, eating, roasting marshmallows, and Randy got to see two owls on his Rail Trail walk.

Patti O


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