How Patti Got Her Groove Back

Seven years ago I had an accident that changed my life forever. And my body.  And it's shape.

Summer vacation, the year of Katrina.  Had an appointment with the mechanic, the skin doctor, and  something else.  Cup of coffee in hand, wearing a perky blue skirt, and those oh-so-pretty new leather Gap sandals. 

Down the stairs I flew, clack clack clack of the leather on the wood. At the bottom stair I went flying though the air, landed on my ankle, and when all was said and done, my ankle was at a very odd angle and turning blue.  And pain that made childbirth look like a head cold.

The doctor said:  "Tri-malleolar fracture. Too swollen to operate. Will do surgery in three days." Which later I was told equated: "you have the worst bone breaks a person can have."   I ended up with two plates and a dozen screws patching up my leg and ankle bones. It took 6 months to walk again and a few years to get rid of the limp.  And the pain......

Since then I can no longer run, ski, or in-line skate. My hips have developed bursitis, I have shoulder issues from all the crutch work/wheelchairs/scooter. The ankle still swells, and I have forgotten how I looked in heels.

But I can walk. And seven years later I am ready to reclaim my fitness, muscles, and strength.

First I did a cleanse/detox diet that helped me lose some weight and deal with some digestive issues. I think of food very differently now and am eating farm/garden to table as much as possible, cutting out some of the bad guys in the dairy and gluten. Oh and alcohol. Thought I would really miss it, but it's been ok and I allow myself a drink every now and then.

I have been going to killates every Saturday morning faithfully for a few months now.  Today I went back to yoga now that my "core" is stronger, and I can stand on my ankle without falling down.   For the first time in my life I have to watch what I eat very carefully, and increase my cardio workouts so that I can eat more and not gain weight.

It's not all been that easy. It's work to give up things you LOVE LOVE LOVE and WANT WANT WANT. But I feel so much better, and I am loving going shopping in my own closet, trying on  old clothes that didn't fit for a year.

Off to the bathtub to take a nice long hot bath with some fragrant salts to fix any aches that are developing, then bed.  I hear loud noises upstairs and I am afraid to see what Larry is doing in the attic. 

The attic...that's for another blog....

oh and the photo..silly self portrait while walking the trails at Mohonk..using some strange phone app.


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