Summer flew by.

School started.

My days are now fast paced and crammed with so much work. Teaching in NY has changed and all I do it work from dawn till dusk doing stupid paperwork, some of which is a waste of time and proves NOTHING save for the state can make teachers do more.  When will the state start making parents do more?

I am still drawing every week in my Abstract Drawing class with Meredith Rosier, producing a body of what some are calling"new surreal colorist art".  I have worked in a surreal manner ever since I was a child, and especially seen in my collage work.  Now it is creeping into my drawings, and  I am  finding my voice in my art making.  It is the most original work that I have made -  most drawings are automatic drawings (meaning they are begun with my eyes closed) and it is created out of a well of lifetime experiences, and sometimes I think the human race's collective experiences; there are times when I feel that the whispers of the ancient ones appear in my work.

I still love to paint the landscape, but when I have time and my fair(s) are done with, and winter really sets in for good, I am going to start to paint these "mindscapes"that I am drawing. That should be REALLY fun.

These works are done with pastel, charcoal, and pencil.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think! Feedback welcomed!


Andrea said…
Gorgeous! I could study these for awhile; they have so much detail and depth.

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