Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Hay Field, Staatsburg, NY
Mohonk Preserve, NY
From the Studio, Kingston
From the Studio, Kingston
From the Home Throne
My winter shows are done. Despite the economy, I have done well with what I have had. Holiday cards sold out, as did my new tin ornaments. I also sold art. It is gratifying when someone falls in love with a piece of me that sings to them.

Winter is setting in, and I am holing myself up in my house for the next three days to rest, and to get into the holiday spirit. I have a few commissions to paint before the holiday, and plenty to do- like clean up the house, and buy food! after such a flurry of constant work.

In spite of the busy-ness, I have managed to continue my daily essay on light for the month. A few selections from the weeks work.

Be safe you east coasters...there's another storm coming.  Off to buy cat litter, food, and some art supplies!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Light-December 5th

Today was foggy, rainy, damp, but warm for early December.

I took the trip along the Rondout Creek, and over the old Port Ewen bridge, to visit a co-worker whom I worked with for many years. She was one of my mentors who will be most remembered for her revelation of the KIS  principle - Keep It Simple. She knew how wrapped up in detail I would get, and how it would bog me down and stress me out.  Today, when I was prepping for my adult autistic students, her words softly resounded in my head. I listened as I pulled through my drawers looking for the papers for my project. She was right. Don't give them 15 choices of paper...give them 2. It made it easier for me, and I know it was easier for them.

Shortly after retiring, she was diagnosed with Altzheimers. Like the landscape enveloped in the mist, so is her memory.  Bits and pieces of of her life come in and out of focus...always kept from being razor sharp by something that fogs her past life. To Lynn...may you be  happy...wherever you are.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Season of Lights

I run an art group online on Facebook. It's a forum where people write, post their art,   photos, thoughts. It's a safe place where we celebrate creativity and diversity- no room for harsh critique. It's a brotherhood/sisterhood of sorts. It's been a few years now that some of us have connected. 

This month - in between the moments of furiously working doing shows and my other jobs, I am trying to make a snapshot/ photo each day.  My theme--The Season of Lights. Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Winter Solstice, all revolve around light.

Here are my first few days worth of photographs taken with my iPhone. Some are altered in phone apps, some have stories...
 Playing with the laser at Thanksgiving. That included shining it in the neighbors house which prompted a humerous phone call.
When my daughter left for Iraq, we lit this candle in the picture window - in the old American tradition - so that she would find her way home to us. Though she came home 10 years ago, we have left it lit. It will only be turned off when all of our deployed women and men are home safely with their families...I have a lot of bulbs....
 Photograph of an artists spot light/lamp altered in my fave app: Snapseed.
Same lamp, just altered in a fun app...for humor. Which in life, is always good to throw in from time to time. We can't take ourselves, or anything for that matter- too seriously!

And last, but not least (talking about not taking life too seriously) I was in major production making cards, and my 40 year old sewing machine seized up. I had a near melt down, and it took a bit of time and a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt,  a couple of rounds of Candy Crush Saga (ok...I admit, I play it) and a doing something creative- taking a photo of the light in the crack of the front of the machine, to cool down. Everything works out in the end.  And, the joke on me will be if two snow storms hit back to back and wreck the attendance at the show. Goes to show you how little in control of anything we are, but how we react to things.