Parting Shots from 2013

I found this draft .... obviously forgot to post it. So rather than waste it---here it is! It's worth a quick look at the photos at the very least!

Above is a selection from  December's photo essays on "light", a daily practice . I will print up a little book of these when I have time.   As I look at my interpretations of light and the world around me - much of it in the back yard or neighborhood, I see just a little bit of magic in every one.  It reflects how my life is now...magic every day. 

2013 was an interesting year....I had the most difficult year at work, a struggle with illnesses, which prompted me to make a major life change. A giant leap of faith to leave the world of the good paycheck to enter a world of self employment. And so far, it's worked out just fine.

Now..with 2014 just underway, I start another life change by opening my own gallery/studio/teaching space in Rhinebeck, a lovely picturesque town on the east banks of the Hudson River. It is close to Tivoli Bays, Poet's Walk, Clermont, Montgomery Place, Olana...and that's the just the places north of me. To the south is Vanderbilt, Roosevelt's Estate, The Morse Estate, Mills Mansion.....I look forward to summer evenings tossing my paints and canvases in the car after a day of work in the studio and heading out to paint.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year, filled with having enough of everything.  And stop by and visit me at the Studio at 18 Garden Street in Rhinebeck, upstairs from Hudson Valley Pottery!
(Wed thru Saturday, 12ish -6)


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