Simplicity Part 2 or CHEMCIAL SENSITIVITY !

So I left you hanging for a month. Sorry..but it has been that long that I am still trying to figure out what chemicals I am still in touch with that are making my body crazy.

A month ago I landed in the dermatologist's office for blisters and redness of my lips. This had happened before with a lipstick, and I threw out all of that brand, and five years later, bought another one by the same company, but a different chemistry. Shortly thereafter, same story, different year. Only this time it was not going away even when I stopped using all lip products. I had myself dying of lip cancer, and horrid images were running through my mind.

My doctor said "hmmmm contact dermatitis, we need to find out what you are reacting to", so I had one of the tests where 80 substances were put on my back in big bandages, removed in several days, and I was then marker-ed with a purple body marker with boxes around each substance.   The reactions were monitored, and it was revealed that I was allergic to gold, benzoil peroxide, Balsam of Peru, Fragrance Mix #1, and Propolis.  Propolis is a bee product, which comes from the pollen of poplar and fir trees, and can be mixed into beeswax which is in many products especially lip and body products. Fragrance mix #1 has 8 chemicals which are in nearly every fragrance/oil/perfume that you can think of.

Forced simplicity: I had to get rid of every personal care and household product,perfume or fragrance. Candles, shampoos, lotions, make up, soap, cleaning supplies (all of Mrs. Meyers had to go). As a result my bathroom, closet, and dresser are much cleaner. I have boxes of items awaiting new homes as they are toxic to me. And I still testing what I can and can't use. I don't like the hair shampoo bar, it does not clean my long hair to my liking. I am using Argan Oil (pure and organic) for my face and hair. Cocoa butter in the stick seems to be OK, though I am not sure if my lips like it yet.  Baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are my cleaning products. If there is a bad smell in the house I run through with a piece of sage and hope that I don't have an allergy to it. I no longer use Turpenoid Natural for cleaning my brushes in any enclosed space...the oil from the citrus gives me a migraine- walnut oil is the only cleaner used in my studio.

The lips are still reacting. Three of the reactions from substances put on me a month ago are still red and scaly. My immune system had sent up flares, and hopefully ones that were saying STOP NOW BEFORE I GIVE YOU CANCER.

So there you have it...I wanted simplicity- I got it on one level. 

Part 3 of Simplicity: Going Boho

PS this little lovely piece of art can be found HERE 


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