April 24th, 2017. Field in Hurley, NY

I have changed the name of this blog - formerly Eat Man Drink Water, because Patti Gibbons Art is what I am branding my online presence with. Websites, Big Cartel site, FB business page, etc. It just makes life so much easier. However eBay will always be catskillpaper- my collecting personae!

The focus will be images of my art and photos, along with brief thoughts on art, life, and technique. I will be working on the blog trying to streamline and build a presence. Once upon a time I had one...but I have long ignored this treasure of stories and images.

I painted outside yesterday, absorbing the freshness of early spring and the earth while seated at the edge of a field, making art and connecting with a few friends.  This is an oil sketch on paper. approx 8 x 10. Rather than paint a realistic interpretation, I let the painting take me to where it wanted to go, the rawness of the earth waking up from its long winter sleep.


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