Sketching on a Sunny Afternoon

Last weekend I vowed that after my 5 day trip to Kentucky,  I was going to spend time with  my husband whom I had not seen very much, as well as take the three days to unwind, and enjoy the weather and get a little art done.   I blew off house cleaning, did a little gardening in between our jaunts, and I did not do one stitch of taxes, school work,  or blogging.   

We traveled through three counties to visit some of the mansions on the Hudson River which included Wilderstein, Vanderbilt, and Olana.  It was warm enough to sketch outside, so I painted some small watercolors on watercolor paper postcards.  I sold one which will buy me another pack or two of paper, or put more gas in the car to wander.  I am posting them here, and if you are interested, they are a mere 8.00 each...and you can pay via Paypal/check.  Just comment on my blog or email me. (the one w/the mansion showing is sold)

It was however, a hellish week.  I did manage to get the taxes done, and to the accountant, and in a week I will have my refund which is not much, but better than nothing.  This year I vow to keep better records to that I can deduct every nickle and dime due to me.  I know I lost out on mileage etc. because I did not keep track of all of my trips. And just about every trip that I make in my car has to do with either school or business and is deductible.

My back has been a different issue.  I have been in pain for a few weeks, but it the spasms got so bad, necessitating a trip to the doctor.  My PT couldn't fit me in, so I had to do the next best fix, which was drugs.  Now I only take drugs when absolutely necessary, but constant pain is one thing that I cannot stand, and I have a high pain tolerance.  I had x-rays done yesterday (which probably won't show anything other than arthritic changes which is no surprise if it does) and will listen to the doc's suggestions, and  I will probably go back to the physical therapist, get massage, and I do have an accupuncture appointment scheduled soon.  This aging thing sucks. I have always had a good back and now....

Off to put some new cards to my Etsy stores, and then start my grades.  After sleeping till 10 am, I feel like half the day has slipped away..



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