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After doing my spring wardrobe cleaning/organization, I realized that my one piece bathing suit was long over due for replacement.  I didn't wear it very often,  probably just for family affairs, as most of my swimming took place in the woods, at private pools and hidden lakes, and I would wear one of my many two piece suits which up until I hit 50, looked pretty good on me.

Now in my 52nd summer, I am no longer looking so svelt.  Legs that used to be muscular from running and skating are flabby and have cellulite, and my stomach looks like I am carrying a small sack of dimply lemons.  The upper part isn't so bad,  but that could use a bit of firming up too. (I KNEW there was a reason to be happy about  belonging to the IBTC).
 I hate trying on bathing suits in a store, or anything else for that matter. (save for shoes..)  The lighting is never right, and the mirrors usually suck.   This was the first year that I thought--HEY, I can order online and they can be tried on in the privacy of my own home, which has at least a good mirror, and a few options on the lighting.  So when I saw that Lands End had 30% off all bathing suits and free shipping,  I went shopping.   I compromized on a tankini, and I ordered two sizes on the tops, and two on the bottoms, and whatever doesn't fit, I will return them to Sears.  With any luck, the suit will look decent, and since I bought a black and white top, I can wear any of my black bottoms with it! (Thanks Karen for that hint!)

Then while perusing my facebook, I saw this article with a video that Sandi posted which read If a 73 year old Can Get in Shape, So Can You.  I read the article, watched the video and said DAMN! She started her training when she was 56 because of the same bathing suit problem.  Now, 16 years later, she looks better, stronger, and has more energy than I.   OMG, she was amazing, inspiring, and beautiful!! She rocked! I wanted to be like her at 72!  No, I want to be like her NOW.

When I come back to reality my dreams get dashed- just a little.   I was in great shape when I ran before my trimalleolar fracture,  but with all the metal holding my leg together, I will never run or possibly skate or ski again. The months on crutches wrecked my rotator cuffs.  My back is now giving me a hard time.  So, there is no running in this program.

But  I can start with easy yoga (I know what it has done for my husband over the past 6 years), walk, and do some gardening. And if I gain strength, who knows where else that may lead me. The point is = start now. Sit tall, uncross legs.  Keep core strong. Bend from the knees. Don't reach for things at odd angles.  Take care of this body, and it will take care  of you.  These are the mantras that will enable me to build to the next steps. 

As I run up and down the stairs doing laundry, I try to do so being mindful of my core. As I garden I won't look at it as a chore, rather as a workout.  I want to go back on my neighborhood walks, and when the weather warms up, swims at Mermaid Lake.

Ms. Shepherd, you are my heroine.  Thanks for giving me that little kick in the pants that I needed.

And with spring in the air, I think I'm ready.

Patti O Potato - no - more


Chaska said…
Yes, this lady has an amazing shape, as well as a happy, beautiful face, but it's only possible because she has made working out her life, if not addiction. She doesn't do it when time permits....Everything else must fit into whatever time she has left over.

I don't know a single artist who would give up art for working out. Art is our passion. Hers is working out.

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