A Glimpse Into Retirement

At 53 I can taste retirement. But because of the Health Insurance issue, (notice I have given the issue  caps due to its importance as an American business institution) and the fact that I still have a mortgage to pay off, I am girding myself for a few more years of teaching.  

But on  winter vacations, which I use to recover from the busy life that I lead from September through December,  I get glimpses into how I am going to design my retirement. I know the best laid plans can often go astray, but I also believe in visualizing and making what dreams I can, come true.

My winter retirement life would look something like this:

I wake up when the sun is slowly rising, and  spend some time on the heating pad (I am trying to get the back better, but it is in a holding pattern) while I read the novel of the day/week/month.  I put on my yoga/sweat clothes, I do my 5 Tibetan exercises on my wool rug in front of the fireplace, while the sun shines on me through my small side window in the living room.  I make my pot of tea, and clean up the remains of dinner from the night before, and clean the cat box.  Oh, wait.  By the time I retire the cats will all be dead.  Scratch off doing the cat box.

I  catch up on my correspondence while sipping on the herbal tea-of-the-day from The Tea Shop in Woodstock, (today's tea is "Paris") write my blog, followed by making my to-do list which includes time in the studio. 

When the tea  is done,  off to a spa style shower followed by a scented lotion rub down. After working in the house and in the studio, I saunter back into the house to cook, where a pot of soup, veggie stew, or other casseroles scent the house as the sun sets and the cold night air sets in. 

After dinner, a fire and a book, or  blankets and a movie.

The weather channel or CNN fishish off the last few moments before the lights go out......and.....

But wait, Larry ruins my day dream by reminding me that Alan Greenspan says we are going to "work till we drop".  And I keep remembering my mantra--that as long as I love what I am doing, it isn't work.

Thumb to the nose on that one Mr. Greenspan.

Patti O Lounger


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