Which Path to Take....

I can relax now.  The craft fair is over, I managed to have work in three galleries for the month of December.  I just found out that I sold a small watercolor at an October fundraiser, though I have not been paid yet.

Lately I have been pondering my future.  I have been teaching for 19 years, and am fantasising about when I can retire and reinvent myself. I sense that this reinvention will be a synthesis of art/writing/teaching, and I have been told over and over that I need to start pulling my work together in  a series.My ADD head steers me in many directions,  and I fear that the only way I can do this is by making many series of works.
My themes are varied, and include  landscapes in oil and encaustic, and narrative mixed media works.  But wait, I've got fantasy, social, historical and auto-biographical narrative themes. Which theme do I explore, which medium? What am I best at? What does the public gravitate toward? Do I care what the public likes? What do I love to do most? By taking more than one path am I sacrificing quality?  Did Picasso ponder this, or did he just follow his heart and make what he wanted?

While writing this,  I become overwhelmed and meditate for 15 minutes, which is a practice I have been indulging in when I feel stressed. It helps, though I sometimes wonder if the state I feel myself get into is called "nodding out".

I received an email from a friend, which whispers... "challenge"  in my head  -the guidelines and application form for a NYFA (NY Federation of the Arts)  program which helps artists set goals/plan/market their art.  Only 25 lucky winners will get to do this series of workshops.

I don't do well with odds like that.  I lost out on quite a few shows that had odds like that. Yet is whispers DARE TO DO IT...and the form sits in front of my by my computer.  Teasing. Taunting. Beckoning.  I only have the time to do it at stake here....

This could be IT. The motivation, the impetus, the magic.

I wonder what my notes from the Universe will tell me tomorrow. I wonder if there is an answer in the fortune cooking on the kitchen counter. I wonder if I will have a sign through a dream, or even better yet, a meditation.

I wonder...which path to take.



Craig said…
A series of series..... Always have liked how Picasso had mentioned how he had to unlearn his years of formal training to be able to work in such a childlike manner. Perhaps focus on two or three series and after a while branch out as one sees fit? Also producing for the public becomes unsatisfying very rapidly.... just some early morning thoughts.
Patti Gibbons said…
I have never been one to care what others think. So I think the answer lies in doing what I love...whatever that is at the time..but I do have to focus. Thanks for the support!!!!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Craig, it would be like choosing one child. One loves them all, and tries to give each of them what they need to grow....predicting the future is not our business. Anyway, I would hate to see you give up any of them......KiSS
Jennie said…
The best art can come from following your heart, doing what is right for you at the moment. Don't pressure yourself or let others pressure you. You are an amazing artist - just let things fall in place. Between fate and karma you'll do great.

Best wishes,
tangled stitch said…
I love to read your blog. I hope you sent the application in and hope you will share the results on your blog so you can inspire me once again!

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