To Tide you Over

I am trying to be Zen this year during the holidays.

Being Zen means pacing myself, making sure that I am enjoying whatever I am doing, getting enough sleep, and not imbibing in too much of anything at the myriad of parties I have been invited to. The most dangerous parties are the ones I the bed is at the top of the stairs, and I don't have to drive. 

I am drinking ginger tea every time I feel an illness coming on and drinking lots of water.  I dress appropriately for the weather, and take time to exercise and spend quiet/meditation time in the morning and evening. 

And my mantra is "it all is what it is".

And until my next blog is carefully edited and ready to go, I am giving you this: the history behind the phrase "to tide you over", and an article  "10 Occasions for Sending a Greeting Card".Personally, though I do enjoy virtual cards, there is nothing like a paper greeting card to put upon the mantle.  And it's even better if it is a handmade greeting card, or a card printed/made by your local artisan.  Shameless plug for me, the card artist, but I also purchase greeting cards when I fall in love with an artist, a company, an idea or a store. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM the Catskill Cat!!!

Patti O Kittie!


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