I still have a few years yet before I can retire, unless laws get passed that cut the arts from high schools in NY, or else laws that protected American workers, like the seniority law, are stricken off the books.  As of this writing,  in NYC, "a bill to strip away the heart of fairness in layoffs -- seniority -- passed the Senate 33-27.  All Republicans voted in favor of the bill along with two Democrats" (Richard C. Iannuzzi)  And why may I ask, are only teachers that are being targeted in this?

Dead wood is no good -  in any job, but have a system in place and be proactive in making sure teachers who are not doing well do PIP (Performance Improvement Plans) and have the support that they need to improve, as well as having administrators showing their faces in classrooms and observing what is going on in their schools!

I have been a teacher for nearly 20 years.  I am active in my union, which is a strike against me.  I say no to things that I am not contracted to do, yet make sure that my students get the education they deserve. I spend a lot of money on my students as well as time outside of my mandated hours doing things such as art shows, research, etc.  I do my job, AND DO IT WELL, and consider myself a master teacher.   My students love me, even though I make them work hard.  They know I truly care for them and their futures.

But if seniority law is changed, then I become prey for being cut because I make too much money, I don't have the right religion or political beliefs, and I won't kiss ass. 

I, as well as many other teachers in America, teach some students whose parents don't value education, and neither do the students. So how can you say I am a bad teacher if they don't pass art? How are you going to evaluate me in a fair way? I have watched teachers take the blame for the downfall of education, rather than those in state ed, administrators, or the parents who don't do their jobs and expect us to create miracles.

I have had students from Europe who roll their eyes when they listen to the complaints of American students. I have had a near riot on my hands when I put notes up on the board.  Students sit in their classrooms and text on their phones that their parents have bought...not hearing a thing.  Am I am to blame for their failure?

How about x who was a permanent sub who was told by administrators to dumb down the lessons so that the kids could  pass and then X lost the job because X wouldn't???

American is going down the toilet and has itself to blame for the situation it is in.  Not the teachers.

Patti O soap box


Andrea said…
Hear, hear!

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