Lessons of the Week #1

I am glad this week is over and I get to start a new one today, one that is full of inspiration, determination, and healing.

After a week of emotional upheaval after losing my art room and having to toss, pack, move, and unpack nearly 20 years of hoarded art supplies, I am ready to let it go and ponder the lessons I had to learn.

I had been so upset by how the move played out that it was making me sick, emotionally and physcially.  When my chiropractor hinted that some of my back pain was due to stress, I had to do a WHOA PATTI, and take a few steps backward and shift my thinking.

So- instead of feeling victimized, I shifted my thoughts to be joyful that I am getting a new space, and am enjoying setting it up .... as my OWN space.  To help myself in this transition, I made a list of all of the wonderful things about my new room:

1) though I am tucked in between child care and the detention room,  for the most part it is a much quieter place to be than my previous room.
2) the room seems bigger, and though I don't have a view of the mountains any longer, I gained a new view/perspective of the world: the woods.
3) I have a lovely little kitchen area which I have set up as such.  My home away from home.
4) the shades work and stay down without rocks.
5) I no longer have to haul my things up a flight of stairs.
6) less storage will mean keeping things simpler. My life needs to be simpler, and nothing wrong with starting here.
7) this has provided me with the opportunity of having round #1 of sorting.  Eventually I will retire and have to do it, so this is preparing me for what is to eventually come, and make it easier down the road.
8) I will get to hang out with a new group of staff whom I do not know well. It will give me an even richer school experience.
9) While in the mode of purging, it has carried over to my house, which means I am coming home and purging here.  Again...a good thing as I have too much.

I still have a storeroom which I have not touched. That is another thing I will have to deal with this week. But I have already found a home for some of my things,  and I will continue to purge purge purge. 

And the grand prize is that by purging my room, I am purging some of the dreck I have been carrying around me in my soul.  Spring cleaning outside and in--- it's all good.

Photo...of the classroom I walked into Monday morning last week...which sent me into orbit. I will take a photo this week of what I have done with my new space.



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