New Zazzle Store

I finally got it together to design a mug and online printed greeting cards through Zazzle.  I had opened a Cafe Press Store, but found it difficult to navigate, so I popped over to Zazzle, which itself has been a challenge to learn, but there is a learning curve to any online site.  I have sold on eBay and Etsy for years and can breeze through listing/managing my items, but this site has the added challenge of making ones graphics work with the program and the product.

With the advent of NY passing the Marriage Equality Act, I decided that it was about time that I promote the card I had designed several years ago into products that fit the message.  I love greeting cards, but the mug was something I really wanted to make.  I am going to check out what else I may want to carry the design on, but will stop at items that I consider silly or unappealing to me. 

I need to do the female version of the card and mug, then order one of everything myself to see how the quality of the product is.  Once that is a go, I will have to figure out how to market my design so that others will BUY it. 

As artists,  many of us work hard at our jobs to keep the bills paid.  My vision is to be able to make money while I sleep so that I can keep my business afloat, heat in the studio for the winter, and maybe, just maybe have enough money to buy business insurance.  And what about that painting trip to Europe?


Andrea said…
I've got a zazzle store, too! Mine is a bit sparse, but I'm slowly adding products. I'm ADHTWR67. I'm going to favorite you.

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