Night of the Big Bang

It was a glorious weekend. Time with family and friends. Painting time.  The mood was great, even though one day was damp and rainy.

We took Alanna last night with a friend to go see the fireworks on the Walkway Over the Hudson, which is one of the areas most scenic and enjoyable walkways in the Hudson Valley.  Built in 1888 as a railroad bridge over the Hudson River, it was the longest truss span bridge in the world at the time, towering 212 feet over the water.  It has been restored and made into a 1.28 mile walkway, where pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchairs can traverse from Highland to Poughkeepsie, with a view of the Catskills,  the Mid Hudson Bridge, and the river of course.

The fireworks were great;  the Poughkeepsie fireworks were set off from a barge on the river, strategically placed between both bridges.  Behind us, on the north side, just below the walkway, Highland had its own little round of fireworks. I felt like we were surround with magic, and in a 6 year olds eyes, it was splendid.

On the way home a truck was zooming up in the wrong lane (along with a few other cars) trying to get ahead of all the traffic, and force their way into the line nearer to the highway.  Larry had already let a car in and kept going, not letting this bossy truck in and the truck ended up driving right into us! I think this NJ driver thought he could bully his way in, misjudged us and his distance and ended up driving right into the CRV, popping its tire and causing some damage in the front end. Two hours and a tow truck to fix the tire, we were on our way home.  Talk about a frustrating end to a fabulous evening!  Fortunately, no one got hurt, the car is drivable for now, and we are hoping that this all gets fixed without costing us any more than aggravation.

As Alanna said this morning when she woke up: "Last night left a twister in my brain!"

Out of the mouths of babes.


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