Greetings From the Country

I went to my local bi-annual postcard show Sunday morning, where three hours melted away as I poured through stacks of papers, photographs, and cards in search of affordable images that I use in my card designs.

One of my favorite postcards is this one from the early 1900's....and is the epitome of spring.

I need to have new ephemera to design with. I get tired looking over what I already have, and need new blood. Plus, it feeds my secret ephemera obsession, and the hunt is a hoot. 

This weekend I am going to be partaking in the NYFA (New York Foundation of the Arts) Mark '12 program, which is a boot camp for artists, writiers, musicians, etc.  to help set goals for the professional and marketing side of our art professions.  I was one of 40 accepted participants in the program; the universe knows I am ready to plan my future and I look forward to the hard but necessary work that I have to do.  The first night is at the Hudson Opera House, Saturday's event is held at Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, and the final day on Sunday is at the Center for Photography, where Larry (my fabulous husband) works. 

SO....not much writing for a bit, save for the occasional photo or blurb that I might post here. 



Janet said…
Hi Patti

That image is really nice. Your local bi-annual postcard show sound like fun.


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