Book of the Week

I was perusing Facebook, when I saw a Facebook Page that was "suggested" to me.  I rarely pay attention to such things, though once in a while I click on one, and even rarer, purchase something because of them.

But before I get into that story, I must preface it with the story of the previous purchase, which was  multiple copies of the CD Amchitka, a concert that "launched Greenpeace" with Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Phil Ochs.  I have posted about Joni Mitchell in my past posts, so the bots put an ad that featured her music on my Fb page. Once I saw Joni's name, it was in my shopping cart in no time flat.  I bought enough to give a few loved ones a copy too.  And, I loved it.

SO back to the story about the FB page that was was called "Living The Artist's Life". I clicked on the page, "liked it" and started reading.  A few days later I researched the book and made the huge leap on Amazon to buy it.

 It was a very well spent 15.00.  Interesting, informative, soulful book that is giving me a focus on what I need to do to present myself to the world of art in the most positive and strong way.  Practical advice as well as interesting narrative on the author's own journey as an artist.

I am only half way through it, but for anyone starting out in the challenging yet fulfilling life as an artist,  it is a good primer for the nuts and bolts of marketing that an artist MUST be involved with, even if you end up getting a rep.

I will write more on this later as I have run out of hours in the day, and need to sleep so I can do it all over again.  I am taking it all in, and then going to make a master plan. Yeah.


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