Post Show and Still Working!

The art show was a huge success. 10 out of 21 pieces sold! Thanks to my friends, coworkers, and neighbors who came out to show their unending support!!!

I decided to make art accessible to all people by making small works and pricing them reasonably. Art for the 99%.  I made a series of "Teeny Tinies" which ranged in size from 5 x 5" to 4 x 12" and a few sizes in between.  I had just finished the two main focal pieces of the show, which were 24 x 36", so working small had some challenges after working on paintings on which I sometimes used house painting brushes! 

I love painting large pieces as they allow the viewer to feel like they can step into the landscape. Small ones are  little intimate worlds which take a closer inspection in order to enter them. I have been told my work fits into several genres;  I have decided to call my style:  Primitive Magical Realism Hudson Valley School. 

I have a few things in the works for November/December. I will be at Art Foray which takes place at Mohonk Mountain house on December 10th, and at the Sinterklaas Craft/Art Fair in Rhinebeck on November 24th, and at the Unison Arts and Crafts Fair at the New Paltz Middle School the weekend of December 7th and 8th. I have one piece titled "Before the Unions" at the Woodstock Art Association/Museum, and who knows where else my art will show up! December 30th I will be face-painting for the Sinterklaas event in downtown Kingston.  Details for all of this will hopefully be on my website (being redone!!) and posted here and on Facebook.   

Life is good. No, life is GREAT.  I work hard. I work five little jobs to make up one job.
But I am loving all that I do, and who knew that I would be so happy!

Tonight's blog art is in progress...on their way to completion.



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