Life as an Artist.

I write less than I have in the last five or so years.
After retiring/reinventing my life, I thought that I'd have all kinds of time to write.
But I am busy working a bunch of jobs, and trying to get my studio/shop off the ground.
I made a new website for my studio in Rhinebeck, P.A. Gibbons Studio.  I started a blog under the same name. I joined the Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce, Art Along the Hudson, and am part of the Artist Studio Views in September. All require money, and all require writing in one form or another.

Most of my creative writing these days are in the form of my morning pages as I am revisiting The Artist's Way.  Having done it about 10 years ago gave me the confidence to build my studio at home. Now that I have opened up a new studio, one that is a little shop/gallery/studio/teaching space, I need to work on building my confidence as an artist and business owner. It's been a lot of hard work, and some hard lessons. Like YES it DOES take money to make money. No getting around that. And I have to work a lot for not a lot of money. But it is joyful work, and I am hoping to grow from this next experience. It will be interesting to go back and read my pages from 10 years ago, and see the differences a decade has made.

I have given a lot up to do this. Breakfast is the new dinner. I have learned how to eat well on 5.00. I recycle and discover ways to make art without buying much in the way of supplies, and part of my teaching is to show other artists the same. I am trying to grow a lot of greens and veggies in the garden so I can eat from my little piece of paradise. I don't buy clothes. Or rarely. I still have the convertible as it was a lease, but in a year I have to think about what I am doing to do for transportation, reliable and safe being the operative words here. I still take mini vacations--when I am invited to a friend's house, or when I have a little bit of money to stay in a B and B for a night. Luckily I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley, so any town is a mini vacation spot. A late afternoon painting when the light is best is as good as a trip away. And NYC === if I take the train or mid week by bus, is affordable on occasion and I can go to the MET for next to nothing.

I no longer have a stomach ache on a Sunday night. Monday I work in a Tibetan store, which is a wonderful place to work. I no longer spend hours upon hours writing lesson plans, reports, putting together binders full of nonsense.  I am rarely sick due to stress and stale air/sick kids. I teach what I want to teach, not what others dictate me to teach.  I miss my old friends from work, but I make sure I see them on occasion. And the kids, I run into them from time to time and do miss some of them, but I find joy in mentoring women who welcome my knowledge.

Sorry for my silence. I've just been busy reinventing. If you are local, come see me sometime....I'd love to show you what I've been doing!



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