Off to KY land

Camera. Check.
iPod charged. Check.
Little gifties.  Check.
Book. Check.
Work. Check.
Flying outfit laid out. Check.

Online Check In.... NO CHECK! 
The system won't let me do it!!!


At least it isn't going to snow, though the winds are ripping through the yards on the block, sounding off the Woodstock chimes next door.  Which reminds me. While I'm on the plane tomorrow morning, the neighbor will be in court pleading not guilty I suppose, to dog shit, loose dog (it's the worst when it's loose- dog- shit) and endlessly barking dog. 

But I am leaving that set of problems behind and flying into the unknown ...... and I can't wait till I see all of my babies. 

Will be back..reporting from KY land....home of the brave at Fort Campbell. 

Patti O Flyer


tangled stitch said…
I hope you are having a wonderful time with your daughter.

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