Memories of Summer

I finally got into the studio to paint after a very long hiatus. 

The last painting I did was back in December for a show, and I had started this back in August on my vacation in Wellfleet.  I had intended to do the under painting in acrylic and finish off in oil, but it takes so long to get all of my paints mixed for the oils that I decided to do another layer in acrylic.  Still things to be fixed and worked on, but so far I am satisfied with the "learning experience" which is what I call every  painting that I do, not matter how well or poor it is.

I also took one of my oils to be framed at the frame shop.  It is a painting of the fields off Zena Road.  It was one of those paintings that I worked on several times, and got disgusted with it and attacked it with my paintbrush and tried to destroy it, only ending up with the loveliest muted tones and composition that I ended up working into a bit, then leaving just the way it was.  A few of my best works have been made like that--perhaps because I am not caring and so loose with what I am doing. 

This weekend is taxes, but if I can, I am going to lock myself in the studio for a bit and try and work on another painting.  I love how the hours melt away and I KNOW that during that time I don't age.  (perhaps I should paint all the time as an alternative to plastic surgery?)

patti o

The photo is blurry. Hand held, minimal light.


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