Afternoon at FDR's Place

It is pathetic that I am so busy that I have only been eeking out a blog or two a week.  But it is better that I write when I have something to say;   I save the quips and brief moments of enlightenment, wisdom and nonsense for Facebook.

Life is quick these days, thrown in with a dash of craziness, sorrow, and frustration - tempered with moments of happiness and love.

Today's adventures were simply wonderful.

I taught for 1/2 day, then headed over the Mid Hudson Bridge to Route 9 north, with final destination being the FDR estate .  It was a record-breaking 73 degrees, and I put the top down.  Heaven.

I was taking a course called The Hudson River Panorama, which is a current show at the Albany Institute of History and Art.  Through contributions/grants, the museum is teaching teachers and other related educational personnel how to use the resources of the Hudson River Valley and the Musuem, to teach K-12 about the history, science, art, transportation, etc. of the region over the last 400 years.  In addition, we had presentations on the resources, online and locales, that educate the public about the river's estuary,  as well as the insects, fish, birds of the river and valley.

Not only did I enjoy every moment of it, but I got the best educational resources for the classroom AND myself.  The indirect discovery and AH HA moment was when I realized that in my retirement, not only can I make art, but I can work part time on projects such as this for museums and other institutions as a second career.  I can write, I am knowledgeable, have determination and passion.  With those tools, I can do just about anything I put my mind to do.

After the class,  I perused the book store, bought a new address book filled with paintings of the Hudson River artists, and a few other gifts.  I took a leisurely stroll on the grounds and sat on a bench overlooking the land that leads to the river.  I would have hiked the mile to the river, but I had on my cock-roach-killing BCBG cowboy boots - and they weren't meant for walking...(Nancy Sinatra song playing in background)

Then a stop to see the Kipster, and lastly, dinner with Larry.

Warm breezes, fresh air, sunshine.  Historical places, art, history, science.  Epiphanies. Learning.  Adventure.  Dreaming about the possibilities.

Patti O Star Gazer


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