Flowers in my Bed

It is still the season where my art is my garden.

I am feeding my soul as well as my body, and this time of year I am getting the beds sown and mulched.  From June on I reap the joys from the beauty of the flowers and the fruits of the vine.  Like Monet, I do not have to go far to find my inspiration.

Tonight's photos are of some of the flowers.  A hybrid columbine.  An iris from Karen's house.  The end color of the blue hydrangea that I got on sale at Davenports.  The white tea rose bush that I bought Larry for our "soft anniversary". 

Each week the landscape changes and I fill my vase with a new bouquet of flowers. This week I have an abundance ( if you want any, let me know) of wild Japanese irises, the dark purple kind, of white and pink columbine (can get you seeds soon), lily of the valley (I have extra pips!!)  and ferns. Pansies are in pots and in boxes, scattered around the house.

For the first time in a year after my illness, my body is happy as it is full of red leaf, butter crunch, romaine, arugula and spinach from my raised bed.  They have no bugs, are full and healthy, and I use NO chemicals!  I don't think you can get any better than this.

In my garden I find peace.  I yearn for the studio, but that will be for rainy weekends, and for when school ends.  In the meantime I


Judy Vars said…
Your flowers are beautiful

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