Stump Art

After three days working in the garden, I quit.  Or, should I say, my back quit.Every cough, hiccough, sneeze, brings a wince.  Enough is enough. The plants are in, and all I have to do is mulch when I feel better.

I am now ready to start cleaning up the studio in preparation for a summer of art. The piles have to be gone through, and I am being really hard on myself in regards to getting rid of things I have not used in several years.  I will sell my surplus on Etsy, or give it away to people who will make better use of it.

As I was cleaning, I thought about the stump in the front of my house that has not yet been removed by some strong young man whose rippling muscles will vanquish it in one feel swoop.  So far I have not yet found one, but I know he exists and it is only a matter of time before he shows up.

In the meantime, I decided to make it a little piece of art out of the very thing that annoys me.  After nailing them to the stump I photographed my micro world and it took on a whole new meaning.

I played with these figures 45 years ago with my brothers.  They crawled on top of Lincoln Logs, along Lego walls, and forged trails in the sandbox.  I thought it fitting to march them up and down this stump, creating a playground for the visiting ants and spiders, and every time I walk by that stump, instead of growling about it still being there, I will smile at the touch of whimsy I have added.

Patti O Sculpture.


Instead of using Lincoln Logs (which I loved too), you made a Gibbons Log! Fun idea! I love it!

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