The Starving Artist's Guide to Beauty

I am tongue in cheek when I call this a starving artist's guide.  I am NOT a starving artist, as I am an art  teacher with a good salary.  But the summer is a time where I watch my finances.  I don't get a paycheck, Larry doesn't have summer classes, and in order to do the little extras, like vacation and facials,  I have to be wise with my money during the year.  I put money into a 403B, and have a fund to save money for my grandchildren's college education, and that eats up the "extra" spending money.  I have learned that I don't need a huge wardrobe, or a lot of cosmetics, and I loathe to spend money on pricey items when something else for a fraction of the price works as well or better. I have an organic garden which feeds me spring through fall, (and into the winter as I freeze the extras) and I rely on the local farmer's markets to fill in what I can't raise myself.

This spring I had treated myself to a facial by an acquaintance I had friended on Facebook. I had known Robyn over the years from the shops she worked in Woodstock, and from seeing her around my little city.  She is a little younger than I, and I always marveled at how naturally radiant she was.  Her svelte figure and natural looks stood out in a crowd of women. No flashy diamonds, or overdone makeup. A smile and kindness enhanced her looks.She would periodically post about a facial she was preparing for, and one day I decided to book an appointment.

She lives in her parent's house as they are aging and need help.  She has a lovely space downstairs where she does her "magic"   It was set up like a mini spa, and very comfortable.  She used wonderful products, and after an hour of massaging, cleaning, steaming, mask, toning and moisturizing, I felt like a new woman, with scents of essential oils wafting from my rejuvenated face.She asked what kind of cleaner I  used.  I have been using cold cream for years, finding ones that had the fewest ingredients. ( While doing my research for this blog, I came across one I would love to try by Jamila Naturals.) She said "ah, that is why your skin is so hydrated." A jar of cold cream lasts a LONG time, and I don't think I have spent more than 5-6.00 a jar.

I also try and drink as much water as possible.  It is something that I have to remind myself to do, as it keeps your skin hydrated, flushes out toxins and has many other health benefits. I have a pitcher of filtered water in my fridge, and with the glut of cucumbers from my garden, will be dropping in a handful of slices to make a refreshing summer drink. After a super treat to Mohonk Mountain House for a massage with friends, I fell in love with the iced cucumber slices they left on ice for our eyes.  Robyn also did a cold cucumber facial, laying strips over my face, which turned warm from the heat from my face. I have since done eye patches on Larry, and he found them delightful. After using them for salads, facials and water, there may not be enough for pickles, which are my next venture.

I  brew my own double mint tea from my organic peppermint/spearmint, which helps my digestive issues (which are almost non existent these days) and refrigerate that in a glass pitcher for instant iced tea. I make my own bath salts at a fraction of the price, and I buy some of my soaps and facial products from Lorna's Naturals

A book that I love which is written by local author Dina Falconi, titled  Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Personal Care for Every Body It is one of the better books on the market and is a fantastic handbook for making your own body care products (note: try to use organic products whenever possible, and do your own research when in doubt about any products/components in your recipes. 

Taking care of your skin and body doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Many of the products and companies that state they are natural contain chemicals and additives that are not necessary and are sometimes harmful. Many times less IS better, and cheaper.

Photo is of last year's harvest as I am writing from my daughter's computer in Kentucky and don't have access to my library of images. But the produce is from my organic garden, cultivated without chemicals or fertilizers, in raised beds filled with organic compost!

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