Ah, Frenchwomen

This morning my friend Judi sent me a link to a New York Times article titled 10 Ways to Age Like a Frenchwoman.  Being 52, and a woman who strives to maintain femininity at any age,  I was drawn to  the article. My visions of Frenchwomen come from movies such as Chocolate, and actresses such as Audrey Tautou, Isabelle Adjani, Juliette Binoche, Emmanuelle Beart, as well as the descriptions of the women of Paris from a friend whose daughter lives and works there.  Women who have panache at any age and at any time of the day.

I follow her daughter Zeva's blog,  Paris by Appointment Only which tells of the hidden pleasures of Paris such as artisans, couture, and pilates.  I take a virtual vacation when I absorb her stories and photographs, preparing myself for one of the vacations of my dreams in the future.

I was tickled to find out that I already practice some of the suggestions; cool water rinses, keeping my makeup natural looking and to a minimum, eating non-processed foods, and dressing age-appropriately.It seems like the French health care system covers issues like varicose veins and visits to the dermatologist, something not usually covered here, unless the affliction causes physical pain or threatens one's health.

I was surprised that it mentioned that they prefer a spa over working out, but then realized that they get their own workouts every day as many of them walk all over Paris, and keep their figures and legs in great shape because of this. Who needs a workout with that?!

It saddens me to see how many women let themselves get dowdy in America.  They eat food which is bad for their skin and health. I see women  wearing clothes that neither fit their body shape or age, and some who wear far too much makeup when they have beautiful faces which need little enhancement.  We get in the car for every little trip, (I am guilty of that).  Somewhere along the line women forget that they are sensual beings, and let themselves go.

Though I am not wealthy, I buy my clothes wisely. If I don't love it enough to wear every day, I won't buy it.
I use simple cleaners and moisturizers for my body and face, many which are organic and without chemicals.  I eat as much from the garden as I can.  If it is in a can or package, it isn't as good. I save my money for an occasional facial and massage. When my body cooperates, I do yoga. I know I need to meditate more.

Distilled..I think it comes to loving yourself.  If you care for your body (and you should, for where else are you going to live?) you will nurture it, adorn it, and treat it wisely, and you don't have to be part of "la noblesse" to pay for it. 

Next blog will be "The Starving Artist's Guide too Looking and Feeling Fabulous". 

PLEASE NOTE: image from Everything Vintage. Pam let me use the image for this blog.  Please remember folks, if you are going to use an image from the internet, be considerate and ask first. Most artists/designers will have no problem with it if you ask, and it is also appropriate to provide a link to the site/or artist/photographer whose work it is.

Au revoir!



I love this! I totally agree with all of it, and my grandmother (French Candian), memere (can't do accents here) is still gorgeous at 90+. It really comes down to taking care of yourself. If you have nice skin, why smother it with makeup? I hate when I see that.

And by the way, Patti, you are definitely the poster woman for your age (not that you are old).



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