Black Friday Preview

First of all, I want to take a moment to thank you all for being my readers and friends.  Some of you have been following me for a long time.  That means you find my stories interesting, or my enjoy my art,  which comes deep from my heart and life experience.  For all of you I am so appreciative...and I want you to know that I LOVE getting your comments and support. May it come back to you tenfold.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my life, is that Love is the Answer....for us all.
That statement is a blog unto itself.  But for another time.

I have got to get down to business here, which is, by the way, the reason I have not been writing much. I cannot teach, make art, AND write --- and do all of them well.  Two out of three...maybe, but not all three.  So as not to make myself crazy or stressed, I have focused on my art, and even focused my art on a few themes and medium for now.

Open Studio for Black Friday tomorrow, 10-5. Most of you who will read this and come already know my address. Anyone else can shoot me an email which can be found on my profile page I believe. Emailing me through my website will probably not get picked up for weeks as it goes into spam folders -- which is mainly what I get from my website.

I never know what I feature from year to year.  This years items include my greeting cards (including holiday cards), small fine art landscapes in encaustic and oil, as well as some of my mixed media work.  I will also have some wonderful antique ephemera that I have collected over the years, as well as FABULOUS botanical prints from an 1898 Plant Saleman's Catalog. They are only 6.00 and are AMAZING in a mat and frame. (if I get off this thing perhaps I can mat/frame a few!)

Hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and maybe I'll get to toast with few of you this weekend!

Patti O


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