Got Moom?

Periodically I have written some notes on beauty products, and about taking care of ourselves as women. I had not intended tonight's blog to be about hair removal,  but after tonight's experience, I knew it was time.

Guys, you have no idea what women go through to remove unwanted hair.  And, there are lots of unwanted places where this hair grows.  As we get older, and go through perimenopause, then menopause, the amount of hair in various unwanted places seems to spread, as the hair on our heads  thins. 

In adolescence we worried about the hair under our armpits, followed by the hair on our legs. Then somewhere along the line we start to worry about the hair THERE.  After years of getting that under control, we start to get the hair on our upper lip, or on our chin, adding to facial maintenance that goes beyond the eyebrow shape up.

I am sure most of us have  tried every kind of hair removal system, searching for ONE that is easy, fast, and painless.   I have tried depilatories - which stunk, and never really got rid of ALL the hair.I have been waxed in the salon - only being brave enough to do my facial hair.  Most of the time I use tweezers or the traditional razor and soap shave...and an occasional salon facial tune up.

Today I tried a new product...called MOOM.  A friend had recommended it to me, and she said it was all natural and easy to do at home.  I went to the health food store and found this mysterious new product. Maybe THIS would make my face as smooth as a baby's ass.

The label was inviting.
CHEMICAL FREE - WAX FREE - RESIN FREE (who knew there was resin in some of this stuff?)
What I liked even better was that it said GET SALON RESULTS IN MINUTES, WITHOUT THE PAIN OF WAXING, and the fact that you could rinse off the fabric strips and re-use them.

I opened the jar, and encountered a substance that was like super-thick honey.  That must be the sugar cane part of the concoction I thought, which is cooked to a thick goey mess.  I try and spread some with the little stick they give with the kit, which doesn't spread the caramel mess on my face, so I end up using my finger.  I get a good coating of this substance on my upper lip and chin, and then place a cotton strip on top of it.  I stop and wonder, how does this work without pain and then lift off the strip.

The conclusion that I came to is that any method that states it removes hair and roots, and then supplies you with goo and a cotton strip to remove it with, is bound to bring tears to your eyes, and a red welt where the hair has been merciless ripped out.  Upon careful examination as to the damage that I did to my face, I noticed that it had not removed all of the hair, and I had to go through the whole procedure again.

Tomorrow will be the true test.  In the day light, will my face be smooth and hairless? Will it return to its normal color?  Will I test it out in other regions to see how good it REALLY works? Do I dare?

So girls and guys, if your gal seems to be a little unkept in the hair department at times, it is because we are tired of doing the maintenance.  An maybe I will just have to give Queen Estar, the wife of Father Woodstock a run for her facial hair.  If you want to check her out, click HERE

Patti O Hare.....


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