Lessons Learned

After a luke warm turnout for my Black Friday sale, I decided that I am not going to quit my day job anytime soon.  I  covered my expenses, and I worked in between customers, which meant that I worked nearly all day.  But out of it came good.  I saw what inventory I had, what people were responding to, and it gave me focus on what I have to spend the week doing.  I also got to hang with a few special friends, which is always a wonderful thing.

Today I  worked on my piece for The Birds and the Bees show at Donskoj Gallery.  I have the idea, but the "how" is what I have to work out yet.  It is a combination of collage, encaustic, transfer methods etc., and some of these techniques I have not used yet.   I have to see if Staples will color copy onto my Lazertran as I don't have the ink jet kind, and I will also make a xerox copy of my bees for an alternative transfer method onto wax.  Again, I have to do some degree of experimentation before I dare to start the project.  So I will be producing art under great pressure and a time constraint, with the gamble that I will get it done, and it will convey what the image in my mind has formed.  The transfer from the brain to the finished piece is a journey. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I work well under pressure....and I will post what I do, whether I show it or not.

Here is a page of honey bees that I made in Photoshop for my project.  It was made using an image from an 1800's dictionary, so feel free to use it for some project.  It is at 150 dpi, and I hope that the image is printable.  If not, shoot me an email and I send you an email attachment.

Hope the stores open early, because I am rarin' to go!

Patti O BEEZ


Love the bee image!!!!
Judy Vars said…
Hi Patti,
So happy to hear you are happy and having a wonderful season. Thanks for the Bee images.
Judy vars

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