Heartbreak Along the Hudson

I can't even talk about it right now.

The fear. The sorrow. The angst. The heartbreak.

I received bad news as I headed to New York for a quick but wonderful break to spend time with dear friends.  Friends who know how to nurture the sorry souls who arrived at their doorstep.  Brave but fragile.

I got bad news about my daughter on the way to NY. News that felt like a kick to the gut.

These photos taken on the ride home tell a tale ....  thank God for art...for the distraction and solace it provides.  Thank you Larry for teaching me how to see. 

patti o


Anonymous said…
Friendships are what hold us together during those life struggles. We are always there for the good and tough times in life.

The photos in black and white and sepia are awesome. The usual becomes grand as seen with your eye.

You are a multi-media artist...each is spectacular.

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