Trompe l'oeil

Today's painting lesson was in Trompe l'oeil, which is an extremely realistic form of painting that takes objects that are relatively 2D, painting them on a 2D surface so that they look 3D.  I have never tried that style of painting as I am a landscape painter who has done only a handful of still life work.

Unlike my log painting class a few weeks ago,  I jumped right into the work.  I wiped out the sketch a few times as I had difficulty getting an accurate portrayal of the objects and their relationship to one another.  This is the under painting and I have started to work into it in more depth; each week I will post its progress.

Though it has been uncomfortable at times exploring regions that are unfamiliar to me, I have realized much growth.  In facing the fear of the unknown, I have been able to approach my work with a freedom and gusto that I did not have before.  I think less about what I am doing, and JUST DO IT. 

Soon I will post a lesson I am doing in response to the movie Basquiat, with my High School class Film and Art.  My students are enjoying the alternative movies I am showing them.  Frida, Coco Before Chanel, Basquiat, Pollack.  They are movies that don't play at the mall, and I am opening a new world of film to them, though some of the subject matter is disturbing ... and may hit  close to home at times.

Off to do grades!!

patti o .  


tangled stitch said…
Just do it is a great motivator. Good luck on your project!
Judy Vars said…
Your artwork is getting better and better. We artists do have to practice the other stuff to improve. Just-do-it!
Bellsys said…
Love this!

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