Trompe L'oeil Part Deux

I have been quite handicapped not having a computer,  and though I have a Droid, an iPad, and an old laptop, I was not able to do the graphic and business work that I usually do on my desktop machine.

Bad New: swollen capacitors, and a fried graphics board. The poor Mac finally fried, and it had been telling me for a while that it was on its way out. and I had not backed up all of my files.  Good news: I have found a Geek god who was able to get my files off . All two years of music, photographs, art, etc.

But within the week I managed to get the data retrieved, do my research, and traveled to the Albany Apple Store to buy a new iMac - with the L A R G E  screen.  What a joy to be able to open up multiple windows which makes multi-taking so much easier.  And the timing was perfect - a long awaited retro raise payment was added to my paycheck, and I had enough to get myself back up and running, though I had NOT figured in this expense.  However, for me, it is a necessity, and I can do without designer clothes, handbags and shoes.  My art supplies come first after all the other bills are paid.

I am still getting up to speed, locating files, organizing this iMac, putting on programs. It is a part time job. This machine has more power than I will ever be able to harness...I am floored at all it can do.

The only art I have managed to do as of late is from my weekly painting class, and I am putting up part 2 of my Trompe l"oeil painting on for tonight's image. I am really enjoying this challenge, and am psyched about the two art classes I am taking. Anything that pushes me beyond my comfort zone, or what is familiar, is essential for growth.

Stay tuned as part III, perhaps my last touch ups for THIS painting will be done.  It's been fun!

Patti O Illusion


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