I am taking an amazing course on Abstraction and Drawing at the Woodstock School of Art, with artist Meredith Rosier every Wednesday night. 

Abstraction is the furthest from my style, studies, or interest.  My art has a wide range, but abstraction was never in my art vocabulary.   It is hard for me to draw without representation, and  I keep wanting to make objects or figures out of my drawings, but as I learn to let go and feel more than visualize,  and l rev up my right brain and subconscious,  I am beginning to "get it " and enjoy it, and see where it takes me.

There is so much to learn about abstraction.  My new words have become density, air, stillness, integrity of the surface...

Every week Meredith emails us homework assignments.  They are not mandatory, but I try to do as many of the exercises that I can as there is much to learn when doing them.  

Since it was raining - again -  I went into the studio and did most of my homework and took the assignment one step further by making a painting based upon one of my drawing exercises.  It was great fun and oddly enough, I felt like a little child while doing this work.

And I am smiling.

Patti O Drawing.....


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