Self Portrait

I have been making a lot of art these days, and this is what I wrote in my art journal and as my Facebook status this week:

I run to art for escape.
I run to art to grieve
I run to art to bleed
I run to art to heal.

I have Wednesday evenings Drawing Class, complete with lots of homework. I also have a Sunday morning painting class, which has been the ONLY time I have had to paint as I am drawing, designing cards, teaching, and trying not to crack under the pressures that life is laying before me.

I do maintain a sense of humor through much of my life, but now and then I find myself an emotional train wreck and then further immerse myself in my art. Friends, you are not forgotten, it's just that I am better off alone.

I know that I have some tough things to face in the near future. I have a sick mother, aunt, and daughter. The uncertainty of the future makes me jittery, so I force, FORCE myself to remain in the present. It is perhaps one of the most valuable lessons I have learned other than that the only thing I can control is myself.

I have a large toolbox, but there never seems to be enough tools though I am lucky to have a grounded husband, and lots of friends who truly care for me.

And, I have my art.

Tonight's college made with antique text and Victorian card. I want to make it into a card, but part of me also wants to keep it.

Patti O


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