New Beds

Just when one week of absolute insanity fades behind me, another one rolls in.

My father's sister, my Aunti Mo, passed away this week.  The final remaining sister, awaits placement to a hospital who can address her mental illness/dementia which descended upon her quickly and rather harshly.  The family is dwindling, crumbling, and I am aware of my movement up to the next slot in the life/death cycle.

Megan's lupus has reared it's ugly head again with vengence, but we are all relieved that the mass the doctor's found are not cancer, and though she will eventually need surgery, it can be done on her time schedule, and we have more time to breathe on the cancer front.

Layoffs, transfers at work, and I have to move my art room AGAIN.

And then there's the rain to tweak up the level of depression just a little bit.

How do I get by?

A trip to the store with a friend to buy something pretty for spring.
A drink at the local French Bistro.
Fresh picked salad from my garden.
Painting, drawing, Scrabble on my iPad.
Dinner and a lovely bracelet from Larry to celebrate our first "real" date 17 years ago.

And today, we finally accomplished what I have wanted for a few years now, the addition of four new raised beds on a piece of land that straddles two driveways.  Still some work to be done, but in a week or so we will be planning out the rest of the garden,  planting tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, cucumbers, and whatever else I can get in there.  There is nothing like eating organic from the garden, and currently we have spinach, arugula, romaine, red leaf and green leaf lettuces.   Oh, and  volunteer cilantro.

Larry and Will did an amazing job, and every time I go out there I will smile, and for four or five months, eat off my city plot of land.

It's all good.

Patti O Garden


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